Automate Your Business With Zoho, The Leading Marketing Automation Platform

Your Business in a Dashboard

View, edit and manage your company’s data in real time Revenue, Expenses, Employees’ activities, Liquidity. Everything in one dashboard to reach safe business solutions.

Cloud Apps

Deliver excellent customer service by any device (desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet), and respond immediately to the needs of your clients.

Smart Surveys

Smart surveys will help you collect valuable information about your customers and their satisfaction towards your business.

Website and CRM Integration

Connecting your website with the Zoho CRM will enable your employees to manage customer relationships effectively and benefit from new sales opportunities.

Breaking the Silos

Manage your business effectively by sharing any valuable information across the different departments of your company.


With the proper workflows, nothing is done manually: from the communication with existing or potential customers, to the most time-consuming and repeated tasks.

Process Automation

Enhance productivity and save valuable time by automating all the workflows of your employees (notifications, emails, updates).

Social Media Integration

Connect your social media accounts and the campaigns of your business and manage your leads properly.

Call Center Integration

The connection with the call center gives you the opportunity to record calls, keep notes and automatically store valuable information to the customer’s dashboard.

Customer 360º view

Get a 360º view of your customers quicker and easier than ever before. E-mail and call history, tasks, documents etc. Direct access to the entire customer’s history with just one click.

Transform Your Business

Trust Repath, the Authorized Partner of Zoho and transform your business, by enhancing its productivity and efficiency.