Case Study

Travel agency My Greek Friend” Cuts Costs & Saves Time with Repath

The need for CRM and Marketing Automation became of crucial importance when the team found itself wasting significant time dealing with unqualified leads while handling mass customer data using spreadsheets.

The Challenge

Based in Crete, My Greek Friend is a well-known travel agency offering personalized vacation packages to travelers who want to visit Greece. The company constantly handles requests from travelers in US, UK, Ireland, France and Germany who plan to visit Greece throughout the year.

To reach potential customers, My Greek Friend invests heavily in Facebook and Google Ads through which it receives contact details as well as traveler’s preferences regarding their preferred time to visit Greece. This information is then passed on the sales department which is responsible for making follow up calls and emails to those leads in order to acquire more specific information about their preferences (age of the travelers, extra services, preferred board, amenities) and thus, be able to propose the ideal vacation package for each other.

Until the adoption of the Zoho CRM plus, the marketing and sales teams found themselves wasting significant time to filter out the quality of the incoming leads by following up with leads that were not truly interested in purchasing the travel service. A great percentage of the leads did not respond and this caused a great amount of time to be wasted.

Another major bottleneck that prevented My Greek Friend from handling the requests efficiently and effectively was the lack of CRM. Internal teams used spreadsheets to keep up with clients’ information and therefore the historical data of each client were not stored while any customer segmentation was not possible.

Carefully examining the customer journey

The most important aspect of the process was to define the processes that rolled out from the time that the website or the social media user fills the lead form until the time a sales rep handles the information in order to push the lead forward to the sales pipeline.

Digitizing the customer’s journey

the old

the new

“We noticed that we could eliminate 20 minutes from the handling process of each lead by automating the processes using Zoho CRM Plus”, Manolis Labovas, Co-Founder of Repath stated. Since we defined the “internal journey of the lead”, we explored and tested the tools of Zoho that could make the team work more efficiently.

Manolis Labovas,
Co-Founder of Repath

Integrating Zoho Survey

We used Zoho Survey and workflows to make the process truly automated. As soon as a lead generated on Facebook or Webforms, it then pushed into CRM. Then, an automated email including a Zoho Survey triggered, requesting more information about the preferences of the lead regarding his upcoming trip to Greece.

“We believed that if a lead takes the time to respond to the survey after the initial interest on Facebook, It would be a case of a client that is really seeking to buy such a service” stated Nikos Fantaoutsakis, Marketing Manager of MyGreekFriend.

Moreover, surveys helped us to have all the answers of our clients analyzed into graphs and therefore we identified the preferences of our clients on aggregate, such as preferred destinations, services they were interested in, average budget willing to spend e.t.c.

As such we elicited powerful conclusions for every single segment of our client database shaping our strategy accordingly to meet their needs.

Use triggers before flagging a lead as unqualified

We have set up a number of reminder emails that sent to the lead until the time we consider it as unqualified. If the lead does not respond after 2 emails, then we consider it as disqualified.

We treat unqualified leads as a separate segment as we think that somehow they would be converted in the future. We can communicate special offers after a long time or we can exclude this audience from our ads that we constantly run. This makes our ads even more targeted.

Nikos Fantaoutsakis

Marketing Manager
My Greek Friend

All in one 360 customer visibility

Integration with Facebook and third party providers allowed us to have all the information of the leads into one place. With the use of Surveys, we were able to update clients’ records easily and automatically having 360 visibility of our customer.

Based on the responses of the clients, Zoho identifies the best times to call them and some other functions enabled us to put each customer into segments and based on scores to personalize our messages.

Last but certainly not least, Social Integrations helped to break up the silos among different platforms. If some interacts with us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Website thanks to Social Tab of Zoho CRM that stores all the information in one place!

Bringing together marketing and sales

We divided the marketing and sales process into different stages. During the 1st stage, the lead answers questions through Zoho Survey. During the second stage, our sales rep gets in touch with the client with a proposed offer and as the last stage the deal is closed either successfully or not.
It then became apparent which stage “produces the leaks” and based on that we make further optimizations.

When a lead answers a survey that was triggered through the automated email, there is an email trigger that sends the notification to the sales rep. The sales rep then begins working on the lead based on an actual travel quote.