Scaling your customer experience

customer experience

Whatever your small business does, if your product or service is popular, your business will grow – and potentially, quite quickly. While that’s an exciting proposition and deserved reward for all your hard work, when scaling your business there are various considerations with regards to your customer experience (CX). With a growing business comes a […]

Zoho revamps document management, says Canadian data centre coming in 2020

document management

Zoho decided it was time to revamp its document management system. TORONTO — When Zoho CRM launched in November 2005, the company was known as AdventNet (it become Zoho Corporation in May 2009) and had just dipped its toes into the cloud world with its first cloud business app, Writer. The company had less than […]

Zoho rearchitects Docs for group collaboration in new Zoho WorkDrive

Zoho WorkDrive

Zoho has announced the launch of Zoho WorkDrive, a new document management system for its Zoho One platform. It is a fundamental redesign of their earlier Docs application, which Zoho determined simply was not able to serve as a file system for the platform. This announcement coincided with a broader one around momentum, in which the […]